Setting Goals to Push Past Your Comfort Zone

They say that life is about pushing past your comfort zone but crossing that threshold is never easy or comfortable. In a couple of weeks, my friend and I are moving into unchartered territory as we hold the first meeting of our Chicago Millennial Networking group.  I will be sitting on a panel of service professionals to talk about goal setting, a valuable skill that I have relied on to help me break through my comfort zone and achieve exciting new things.

As a retired D1 college athlete, goal setting was something I was encouraged to do early on. Splitting time between practices, classes and the college experience, I needed to have goals in place to keep my focus. Back in the day, my goals looked something like – this week in practice I am going to learn a new dive, practice that dive for two weeks and then compete it at the next diving meet. Other goals focused on hitting new weights during strength training or striving for a 4.0 GPA at the end of the semester. I set the goal in my mind, visualized myself achieving it and took the necessary action to accomplish it.

After college, I accepted my first full-time position at Huber Financial. I started as a Client Service Associate and had aspirations of one day becoming a Financial Advisor. It was at Huber Financial that I was first introduced to the process of setting SMART goals, which has forever changed the way I approach goal-setting. The SMART goals process forces you to take your goal and break it down into the SMART components.

            What is the Specific goal?

            How can I Measure if this goal has been achieved?

            Is this an Attainable goal?

            Is it Relevant to my career and/or situation?

            Is it Time Bound?

Taking the time to go through each question has helped me truly understand what I am setting out to achieve and how accomplishing that goal will help me grow in my career.

As a financial planner, I also work with clients on creating SMART goals for their financial lives. Goal planning is at the heart of our financial-planning process. We start with a client’s financial goal, examine all of the moving parts in their financial life and build a financial plan that will help support their goals. The pieces of a financial plan are client specific but can include: creating a savings and investment strategy; purchasing additional insurance coverage; tax optimization and building an estate plan.  

If you’re interested in hearing more about goal setting and are available on Wednesday, March 13th, I invite you to attend this event. In honor of Women’s History Month, we have an all-female panel of professionals from different industries that will share their success stories and the goals they’ve set and achieved along the way. We will wrap up the evening with a mini goal setting workshop that will take you through the SMART goal process. Tickets are available for purchase through the following link:

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