Privacy Statement

During the course of assisting you with your financial planning, investment and insurance needs, we will collect personal and confidential information from you to review investment portfolios, open your account(s), process investment transactions and/or provide insurance quotes.

Information collected may include, but is not limited to, names, addresses, phone numbers, email address­es, dates of birth, Social Security and Tax ID numbers, health status and other information necessary for us to process your request for insurance, a financial plan or to manage your investment portfolio.

The information may be disclosed to companies that require such for opening and maintaining investment accounts, underwriting insurance contracts or printing and mailing account/contract statements. In addition, we may continue to collect updated information to maintain our client database, investment account(s) and insurance contracts.

Huber Financial Advisors, LLC (HFA) is dedicated to protecting your privacy. The relationship we have with our clients is our most important asset, and we understand that you entrust us with your private financial and personal information.

Be assured that all staff members are trained and required to safeguard your information via electron­ic, procedural and physical means. We will never sell or give your personal or financial information to anyone without your express written consent, and we will protect the security and confidentiality of all information obtained during the course of serving you.

You will be notified prior to any changes made in this Privacy Statement, and you will be given the opportunity to “opt out” of information disclosed. Access to your personal information is restricted to Huber Financial Advisors personnel for business purposes only.

Identity Theft Red Flag Rules

In order to comply with the SEC Regulation S-ID (the “Identity Theft Red Flags Rules”), our Firm has policies, procedures and internal controls in place that are reasonably designed to comply with all laws and regulations applicable to Regulation S-ID. HFA has established appropriate training programs for its employees and subjects its “Identity Theft” procedures to periodic review.

Note: This Privacy Statement will be delivered to HFA clients annually, or as otherwise required by law.