Paying It Forward

Each new year, we express our gratitude as a company by giving a donation to charitable organizations on behalf of our clients. The charities are dedicated to helping those less fortunate begin the new year with hope.  It is a time of renewal and an opportunity to reflect on the many gifts in our lives.

This past year, Huber Financial discussed taking this a step further by practicing random acts of kindness, which are selfless acts performed by a person or people with the hope of creating a better world.  The concept was scheduled to launch in the fourth quarter in preparation for the season of giving.  Several weeks ago, I had the good fortune to witness a random act of kindness by one of our own, which reignited discussions about its lasting effects.

Recently, we hosted a social gathering in our office, which included some of our key Charles Schwab partners.  The planning came off without a hitch. We had sent invitations, ordered food, booked service staff and the weather was actually cooperating.  Everything was in place for a successful and enjoyable evening.

An hour into the event an apologetic and frustrated young lady walked in. She was hired to work our event but ran into car problems.  The woman did not know how she would get home because her car was in need of repair.  The trip home under normal circumstances takes more than an hour.

A Schwab business partner overheard the conversation and immediately jumped in and began to ask questions.  Without hesitation, he took off his suit coat, went out to her car and diagnosed the problem … the radiator hose was cracked.  He knew it needed to be fixed soon and immediately started calling local auto parts stores. He bought the required part and proceeded to repair her car in our own parking lot.

He finally returned to the event looking worse for the wear but that did not seem to faze him.  Our guest was just happy that the woman would be able to get home safely.

Clearly, this was an act of kindness and it reaffirmed my belief in what is good. As a result … I share this story and … I will definitely pay it forward.

Have you witnessed a random act of kindness that you would like to share?