New Medicare Cards Coming Soon – How To Avoid Related Scams

In an effort to deter identity theft, Medicare is mailing new cards that replace Social Security Numbers with a unique Medicare number. Unfortunately, even an effort to more effectively safeguard personal information can present an opportunity for identity thieves. If you are currently enrolled in Medicare or recently signed up, the following tips may help you protect yourself.

It’s Automatic at No Charge

The new Medicare cards are automatically mailed out free of charge to enrollees. If you receive a message asking you to pay for a new Medicare card, it’s not legitimate.

It’s Not Personal

Medicare will not call asking for your personal information or to “confirm” any personal information. If someone calls you, claiming to be Medicare representative and asks for your Social Security Number or bank account information, hang up, it’s an identity scam.

More information about Medicare Card scams can be found through the following link.

Federal Trade Commission – New Medicare Cards Coming Soon

Source: Federal Trade Commission


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