My Summer at Huber Financial


Photo by Howard Korn, courtesy of Kenyon College.

My summer at Huber Financial was incredibly worthwhile. Over the course of approximately 10 weeks, I assumed several responsibilities that touched many areas of the company including portfolio management, client service, financial planning and operations. The staff, including senior level executives, were consistently patient, supportive and approachable during our work together.

Although I can’t include every project in this blog post, several stand out to illustrate the substantial knowledge and experience that I gained at Huber Financial.

Performing Portfolio Management Research

As a math major, I particularly enjoyed working with the portfolio management team. I assisted the group in a variety of ways. For example, due to recent events in Puerto Rico, the investment team sought to better understand the impact of the commonwealth’s debt on various funds. To aid, I compiled and distributed an informational spreadsheet that highlighted municipal bonds Huber’s clients held. We were happy to find that exposure to Puerto Rico was minimal.

In another research project, I analyzed several new mutual funds that the portfolio team was considering for the firm’s lineup. I compiled the data and examined a variety of performance statistics to see how the funds might affect our current portfolios.

Through this research work, I greatly improved my financial knowledge and familiarity. Prior to joining Huber, I was familiar with financial markets in a technical sense, but had little practical knowledge of investing. These projects largely increased my comprehension of investment vehicles and strategies. In-depth discussions with Phil Huber (chief investment officer) and Scott Bierman (portfolio analyst) further contributed to my understanding of investing and portfolio management.

Participating in the Financial Planning Process

My work within the financial planning process included participating in client meetings with different advisors and learning about each client’s specific needs. Through these experiences, I gained a better understanding of the various moving parts of a successful financial plan, such as risk tolerance, asset allocation and retirement income. Most importantly, I discovered that the first step in developing a good financial plan is building a meaningful relationship with each client.

Looking Ahead

As I start my senior year at Kenyon College, I look forward to seeing how my experience at Huber Financial enriches my perspective as I continue to take courses in finance and economics. The financial knowledge and professional skills I’ve gained during the internship will serve as great assets as I enter the workforce. For this, I am indebted to the entire Huber team and their enduring devotion and success in providing a superb internship experience.