Huber Financial Advisors LLC Adds Four New Owners

Huber Financial Advisors, LLC is pleased to announce that it has added four new owners.

  • Edward H. Cruickshank, CFP®, Wealth Advisor
  • J. Peter Doyle, CPA/PFS, CFP®, Wealth Advisor
  • Robert J. Witt, CFP®, RICP®, Wealth Advisor
  • Philip R. Huber, CFA, CFP®, Chief Investment Officer

“We’ve built a great team of talented, seasoned professionals,” said David Huber, CFP®, CEO of Huber Financial Advisors. “It is a great pleasure to expand our ownership team to include this group of long-serving employees who have demonstrated the integrity, leadership and hard work that has driven our significant growth over the last decade.”

“Ed, Pete, Bob and Phil have made significant contributions to the Huber Financial team and I am grateful for all of their hard work and dedication,” said Robert Morrison, CFP®, President of Huber Financial Advisors. “In addition to their day-to-day responsibilities, each person has taken the lead on several company-wide initiatives and provided selfless leadership to execute internal projects. In addition, this group has focused on bringing in new talent and mentoring their team members to help us grow the firm into the enterprise that it is today.”

Please join us in welcoming the newest members of our ownership group!


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