Everybody Has a Story – My Years at Huber Financial

In 1998, Dan Rather first started broadcasting Public Eye episodes on the CBS Evening News. Correspondent Steve Hartman tossed multiple darts at a map, traveled to one town, opened the local phone book and persuaded a random person to tell his or her story. The show was based on the premise that everybody has a story worth telling.

My story at Huber Financial started on September 29, 1997 and I remember it well. Dave Huber hired me as his second full-time employee. Because of my experience as an office coordinator at Lutheran General Hospital, I could easily handle general office work. But I knew little about health/life insurance, 401(k) plans and everything that goes into creating a financial plan for a client. I needed to learn a new vocabulary that included terms such as investing, time horizon, risk tolerance and optimum asset allocation.

Having just celebrated my 17th year with the firm, I took a moment to look back at what I had learned. One of the most important things I learned has nothing to do with financial planning, but comes from the life stories of the clients I have welcomed into our office.

I have heard a variety of stories from clients representing all walks of life. There are those who have served our country after earning their college degree; grandparents who taught their grandchildren the importance of a strong work ethic through their stories about the Great Depression and a family that came together to celebrate the birth of their child who has special needs. I have had the good fortune of witnessing two grade school sweethearts reunite and unexpectedly find love in their seventies after losing their respective spouses.

Most importantly, I have learned that my passion for my work is not based upon modern portfolio theory or the stock market’s performance but upon the fact that the human spirit is resilient and true. Everybody does indeed have a story to tell.

I’m thankful that our clients have trusted me with their life stories and appreciate the opportunity to share my story with you.  I have no doubt that in the end; I am a better person for it.