Dave Huber Purchases Two Mag Mile Lighthouses

It looks like the cold Chicago weather is settling in and last summer is but a memory. At Huber Financial, we’re bringing in two pieces of art from the Lighthouses on The Mag Mile exhibition to warm up our Lincolnshire and Chicago Offices.

Sailing Chicago Harbor, painted by Jeff Hanson, a visually-impaired artist, has been placed in its permanent home in the reception area in the Lincolnshire office.  Click here to watch FOX News interview Jeff Hanson about this lighthouse.

Boundless, painted by Pooja Pittie, is now permanently located in our Chicago Office conference room overlooking the city. Pooja has an incurable and progressive form of muscular dystrophy and uses painting as a way to capture some of the movement she has lost through her disability. During the summer, Pooja was interviewed about this lighthouse by CBS Sunday Morning. Click here to watch the interview.


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