It’s Tax Day in July! Postponed Tax Deadlines Coming Soon.

Receiving an extra three months to file your tax return can seem like an unexpected gift. But we’re creatures of habit, so pay close attention to the dates because many of the deadlines are significantly different from prior years. Alexander Strauss provides an overview of the postponed tax deadlines and answers related tax questions.

Delayed Stimulus Payments, Income Taxes, and Continual IRS Changes, Oh My!

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How the Premium Tax Credit Can Help You Save on Health Care Costs

Determining whether you qualify for the Premium Tax Credit may seem daunting. Wealth Strategy Associate Abigail Ogden reviews the eligibility requirements and mechanics of how these credits work.

2019 Taxes – What We Learned, What We Recommend

Alexander Strauss, financial planning and tax accountant, summarizes what we’ve learned from the 2019 tax return season and outlines possible tax reduction opportunities that you may be able to utilize next year. He also answers recent tax FAQs, including “Am I Eligible to Receive a Stimulus Check?” and “What’s The Deal With the New W-4?”

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