Author Olivia Arquette and Her Victory Lap (EP46)

Olivia Arquette is a wife, mother, and lover of things that make her laugh. Before becoming an author, Olivia spent the majority of her career in the financially lucrative, but emotionally vexing field of pharmaceutical sales and marketing. She left this career to follow her dream of becoming a published author with her first book, Ms. Medicine. In this episode, Janet Petran, CFA, CFP® and Rob Morrison, CFP® talk to Olivia about her journey. 

Year-End Tax Tips 2019 (EP45)

Ed Cruickshank, CFP® and Pete Doyle, CPA/PFS, CFP® are back in the studio to talk tax tips for 2019. There's still time to take some steps that may lower your overall tax bill for this year and the next. During this discussion, Ed and Pete focus on specific areas such as medical expenses,  529 plan contributions, health-savings accounts (HSAs) and retirement accounts.

Markets and White Knuckle Flying – Rebroadcast (EP44)

In this episode, Rob Morrison, CFP® interviews Huber Financial’s Founder and CEO Dave Huber, CFP® about some parallels between investing and white knuckle flying. This rebroadcast has some sage advice from Dave Huber about how to handle some of the common feelings investors have during market fluctuations. 

Financial Planning for Newlyweds (EP43)

Combining finances can be one of the most difficult things about becoming a newlywed. Whether you are engaged, a current newlywed or know someone in the situation, this episode is for you. Maureen Doyle Wright, CFP® and Janet Petran, CPA, CFP® have a conversation about how to handle finances during the newlywed and later phases of marriage.

What Is Tax-Optimized Investing? (EP42)

Have you ever wondered what considerations go into tax-optimized investing? Or what kind of accounts are most often used in this strategy? In this episode, our in-house tax expert, Pete Doyle, CPA/PFS, CFP® provides and Ed Cruickshank, CFP® provide an overview.

Rage Against the Machines – A Review of the 2018 Markets (EP41)

In this episode, Phil Huber, CFA, CFP® and Ed Cruickshank, CFP® discuss one of the narratives that became popular during the fourth quarter - the rage against the machines. Many pundits in the news and social media said that the market downturn was "machine driven." They attributed the sell-off to algorithm trading "machines." Listen to this market 2018 wrap up episode to hear more.

Most Popular Podcast of 2018 – Avoiding Estate Planning Pitfalls (EP40)

We searched the archives and found the most popular Bite Sized Finance episode of 2018. In this episode, Will Gunlicks, CFP® interviews our guest, Micheal Rhoades, an estate planning attorney, about common estate planning pitfalls and ways to avoid them.

Year-End Tax Tips 2018 (EP39)

With the end of 2018 quickly approaching, you might be thinking about what, if anything, can be done to manage your tax situation. In this episode, Ed Cruickshank, CFP® and Pete Doyle, CPA/PFS, CFP® discuss year-end tax strategies that could help ease your tax bill.

30th Anniversary Edition: From Present Day and Beyond (EP38)

In the third installment of our 30th Anniversary podcast series, Rob Morrison, CFP® interviews Dave Huber, CFP® about what the next 30 years might look like for Huber Financial and the planning profession.