A Tale of Two Investors (EP37)

In this episode of Bite Sized Finance, Rob Morrison, CFP® and Phil Huber, CFA, CFP® have a conversation about the differences between a Traditional Investor and an Evidence Based Investor. Which one would you rather talk to at a cocktail party?

Huber Financial's Women's Initiative - Cents of Self (EP36)

This Bite Sized Finance podcast episode provides a sneak peek at Huber Financial's women's initiative - Cents of Self. Rob Morrison, CFP® interviews Kim Drake, CFA and Janet Petran, CPA, CFP® about this new initiative.

Five Crucial Issues for Small Business Owners to Consider (EP35)

Listen to Ed Cruickshank, CFP®, a wealth manager for Huber Financial interview William Levy, an attorney at Rhoades Levy Law Group who specializes in the legal issues facing small to medium-sized businesses. An informative discussion about the top legal issues facing closely-held business owners.

30th Anniversary Edition - The Financial Crisis of 2008 Through Today (EP34)

In the third installment of our 30th Anniversary podcast series, Rob Morrison, CFP® interviews Dave Huber, CFP® about what life was like at Huber Financial from the financial crisis of 2008 through today.

Market Commentary - Second Quarter 2018 (EP33)

Huber Financial's Chief Investment Officer, Phil Huber, CFP® recaps market performance in the second quarter and first half of 2018.

Behind the Scenes - Post Tax-Season Accounting Practice (EP32)

Welcome to episode 32 of the Bite Sized Finance Podcast featuring Robert Mercola, CPA, JD, a partner at The Abrix group, a local public accounting firm. In this episode, Robert Morrison, CFP® has a conversation with Bob Mercola that provides a behind the scenes look at what happens at an accounting firm post-tax season.

Eldercare 101 (EP31)

Janet Petran, CPA, CFP® talks to Nancy Siegel, an eldercare expert with Senior Living Experts, about Eldercare basics and how to support the needs of an aging loved one.

30th Anniversary Edition - The 90s Through Y2K (EP30)

We commemorate our anniversary year with part two of our anniversary series. Listen to Rob Morrison, CFP® interview Dave Huber, CFP®, founder and chief executive officer of Huber Financial about what it was like to manage the business through the 1990s and past Y2K.  Dave and Rob reminisce about the markets and how much the financial planning industry has changed. 

Discussing College Funding with Your Child (EP29)

Rob Morrison, CFP® and Kim Drake, CFA have a discussion about higher education costs. This episode focuses on getting your child involved in the financing discussion.