The SECURE Act Changes the Way People Inherit Money – How Is Your Estate Plan Affected?

Provisions in the SECURE Act may affect your estate plan. Dominick Parillo, Savant’s Director of Wealth Transfer, takes a closer look at the specifics regarding inherited IRA accounts.

Watch the Recording of “New Retirement Mentality Post COVID”

The Coronavirus is affecting many areas of our lives – even when it comes to preparing for, transitioning into, or living in retirement. What’s the new retirement reality post COVID? On June 24, we answered your questions in an interactive Q&A webinar.

Why Is the Market Going up When the Economy Is Going Down?

Financial advisor Cal Brown explains why the stock market and the economy don’t always move in lockstep.

What’s on Your Mind?

We answer frequently asked questions, including “Should I make changes to my portfolio in response to the coronavirus?” and “I heard that Savant is undergoing some changes, how will they impact me?”

What to Expect When You’re Expecting (Outperformance)

The recent stretch of underperformance for small and value stocks has been challenging. Value and size factors have been pronounced dead before, only to come back with a vengeance. Is this time different? Or what is that light at the end of the tunnel?

“Social Distance” Yourself from Panic by Following the Lessons of Past Bear Markets

On top of health concerns, many people are worried about their financial wellbeing. This is the time to lean on your trusted financial professionals to provide clarity on your specific circumstances and to put today’s coronavirus crisis in perspective relative to previous health or financial driven crises we have endured.

A New View of Risk

If you’re thinking about reducing your exposure to stocks during a bear market, here are four questions to consider from financial advisor Brent Lindell.

2020 First Quarter Review Slides

2020 First Quarter Review Slides

Cash Flow Not Impacted by COVID-19? Financial Strategies for Those Still in Good Shape

If you’ve been able to remain in a comfortable financial position amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, you may be wondering if and how the newly passed CARES Act legislation may impact you. Financial advisor J. Peter Doyle reviews some strategies.