Is It Time to Start College Hunting With Your Child?
Junior High is a Good Time to Start

Panic sets in as you start hearing other parents discuss their child’s resume or college counselor.  Or better yet, you are completely unaware that now is the time to start thinking about college choices for your child. Where do you start?

The Suitcase Widow – Unpacking the Complexities of a New Financial Life

Early in my career as a freshly-minted CPA, an event occurred which continues to have a profound effect on me to this day. A new client came to our offices dragging an old fashioned Samsonite hard-sided suitcase to have her tax return prepared.

The Summer of ‘17: Another Huber Financial Intern Heads Back to Campus

This is our fourth annual blog post about our summer internship…

College Planning – It’s About More Than Money

The day your newborn was released from the hospital it started, the common refrain about the importance of saving for college and rising tuition costs. After diligently depositing regular contributions and birthday checks into a college fund over the years, you’re on target to fund your child’s education.

Huber Financial Interns - Summer of 2016

Every summer, one or more interns join us for ten weeks to…

My Summer at Huber Financial

My summer at Huber Financial was incredibly worthwhile. Over…

Time To Have "The Talk"

“We need to talk.” Whether it’s about defining the direction…

Everybody Has a Story - My Years at Huber Financial

In 1998, Dan Rather first started broadcasting Public Eye episodes…

My Summer at Huber Financial

Ten weeks ago, I joined Huber Financial as their summer intern,…