Stephen A. Bergman, CFA

Stephen Bergman is a portfolio manager at Huber Financial, responsible for trading, investment research and analyzing client portfolios. He is also a member of the firm’s Investment Committee.

“Huber Financial’s investment philosophy, which is based on academic research, gives our clients an evidence-based approach to support their financial goals. I get great satisfaction from the work that I do with our clients’ investments because I feel that our long-term, data-driven philosophy best serves their interests.”

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Ohio State University. While attending Ohio State, Stephen co-authored a paper titled, “The Effect of Recruit Quality on College Football Team Performance,” which appeared in The Journal of Sports Economics. Stephen is a 2018 Level III candidate in the CFA program.

Stephen lives on the North Side of Chicago. He is an avid reader and enjoys golf, snow skiing and water skiing.