Two Common Types of Email Fraud

We are about to enter (arguably) the busiest season of the year:…

Small Business Owners and New Tax Law Changes for 2018

With the tax law changes that were implemented last December,…

2018 Second Quarter Review Slides

2018 Second Quarter Review Slides

Second Quarter 2018 Commentary - Summer School

School is out for summer and all of the important grades have…

Should I Consider a Credit Freeze?

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Is It Time to Start College Hunting With Your Child?
Junior High is a Good Time to Start

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Our Culture of Immediacy (EP28)

With the advent of instant messaging, Amazon Prime and Google, most of us have gotten used to getting what we want in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. But are we losing the fine art of patience? In this episode Rob Morrison, CFP® and Ed Cruickshank, CFP®, will talk about how this culture of immediacy may be affecting your investment decisions. 

What Is a Career Victory Lap? (EP 27)

We're seeing an emerging trend where people phase into their retirement. It's no longer a singular event where you transition from full working to full not-working overnight. We call this new phase of retirement a Victory Lap. In this episode Rob Morrison, CFP® and Ed Cruickshank, CFP® have a conversation about this new retirement trend. Is a Victory Lap right for you?

First Quarter 2018 Commentary - A Changing of the Guard

The markets make the news—the news does not make the markets.…