Watch the Recording of “From Pandemic to Positivity”

Are you looking for practical steps you can take to stay positive during this unsettling time? We welcomed Rod Ogilvie, a licensed counselor and executive coach, for a live interview with our CEO Brent Brodeski on April 28. Rod shared ideas on how to stay positive and how you can provide solid leadership to your family and colleagues. You can watch the recording now.

“Social Distance” Yourself from Panic by Following the Lessons of Past Bear Markets

On top of health concerns, many people are worried about their financial wellbeing. This is the time to lean on your trusted financial professionals to provide clarity on your specific circumstances and to put today’s coronavirus crisis in perspective relative to previous health or financial driven crises we have endured.

2019 Taxes – What We Learned, What We Recommend

Alexander Strauss, financial planning and tax accountant, summarizes what we’ve learned from the 2019 tax return season and outlines possible tax reduction opportunities that you may be able to utilize next year. He also answers recent tax FAQs, including “Am I Eligible to Receive a Stimulus Check?” and “What’s The Deal With the New W-4?”

2020: The Year Required Distributions Aren’t Required

Thanks to the CARES Act, required minimum distributions (RMDs) from tax-deferred accounts are not required during the 2020 tax year. Find out how you can take advantage of the 2020 modifications (even if you already took money out).

Student Loan Relief under the CARES Act

Under the CARES Act, payments for federal student loans are suspended through September, and interest rates are temporarily set to 0%. Read more for details on how this relief works.

Should You Dump Your Family Trust?

Is your family trust aligned with your goals for your family? As federal exemptions change, so do the benefits. Financial advisor Wendy Blair shares some important things to consider.

White Knuckle Time

Yes, the ride is bumpy and we’re experiencing turbulence. But fasten your seatbelt and trust your pilot. If your flight plan is solid, you’ll still arrive safely at your destination. Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer Rob Morrison shares lessons we can learn from recent adversity.

Acknowledging the Losses of Today as a Path to a Wiser Tomorrow

Are you mourning and longing for life “pre COVID-19”? We certainly can’t control the current crisis, but we can help ourselves and those around us to move through the stages of grief. Savant’s Chief Communications and Culture Officer LaVonne Brown provides some perspective.

A New View of Risk

If you’re thinking about reducing your exposure to stocks during a bear market, here are four questions to consider from financial advisor Brent Lindell.