Maureen Wright, CFP® Talks About Holiday Spending in The Golden Girl Blog

Maureen Wright, CFP®, a wealth advisor for Huber Financial Advisors, was featured in a post about holiday spending in The Golden Girl blog, which is written for women who find joy in the everyday madness.

Phil Huber, CFA, CFP® Quoted in Barron’s Article About Using Dividend Stocks to Generate Income

In the Nov. 15, 2019 issue of Barron's, Phil Huber, chief investment officer of Huber Financial Advisors cautioned investors about taking on extra risk to achieve higher yields when saving for retirement. He suggested that investors periodically rebalance (from better-performing asset classes to underperformers, for example) and occasionally sell to supplement income.

Author Olivia Arquette and Her Victory Lap (EP46)

Olivia Arquette is a wife, mother, and lover of things that make her laugh. Before becoming an author, Olivia spent the majority of her career in the financially lucrative, but emotionally vexing field of pharmaceutical sales and marketing. She left this career to follow her dream of becoming a published author with her first book, Ms. Medicine. In this episode, Janet Petran, CFA, CFP® and Rob Morrison, CFP® talk to Olivia about her journey. 

Year-End Tax Tips 2019 (EP45)

Ed Cruickshank, CFP® and Pete Doyle, CPA/PFS, CFP® are back in the studio to talk tax tips for 2019. There's still time to take some steps that may lower your overall tax bill for this year and the next. During this discussion, Ed and Pete focus on specific areas such as medical expenses,  529 plan contributions, health-savings accounts (HSAs) and retirement accounts.