Investing with a Blank Canvas: A Q&A with Phil Huber and Patrick O’Shaughnessy

Huber Financial is one of a handful of RIA firms across the country to have immediate access to Canvas, a groundbreaking new separate account platform.

Balancing Act – Elder Care and The Sandwich Generation

Like many women my age, I find myself in the challenging position of balancing my career, my family and my aging parents. I’m often faced with difficult decisions regarding how to spend my limited time. I’m part of the growing population often referred to as the Sandwich Generation – sandwiched between the demands of caring for the older generation while still raising the younger generation.

Can I Afford to Retire? – Beware of Binary Bias

Why do we continue to approach the nuanced transition into retirement as such a binary/cliff event? I think it’s mainly habit, extending back to the industrial days when you were either employed or not employed. No in-between.

Markets and White Knuckle Flying – Rebroadcast (EP44)

In this episode, Rob Morrison, CFP® interviews Huber Financial’s Founder and CEO Dave Huber, CFP® about some parallels between investing and white knuckle flying. This rebroadcast has some sage advice from Dave Huber about how to handle some of the common feelings investors have during market fluctuations. 

Female Visionary Spotlight – Carol Burnett

As I continue to research the lives of fascinating women, Carol Burnett was an obvious choice to include as one of our visionaries. She is a woman whose characters and career are entrenched in the minds of millions and has spanned seven decades.