Fourth Quarter 2018 Commentary – Turbulent Times

As we catch our breath in the wake of turbulent times, we must separate the emotional aspect of seeing dollar values decline and prevent ourselves from running out of the store when the merchandise goes on sale. While it was painful getting here, global stock markets are cheaper today than 12 months ago. And while valuations alone are not indicative of the markets near term direction, they do inform long term returns. And every investor’s long term returns will ultimately be woven into how they react when things get violent.

Feeling Stressed? So did Laura Ingalls Wilder

As an avid fan of Little House on the Prairie, I never thought I’d hear the name Laura Ingalls Wilder and stress in the same sentence. During my morning commute, I listened to Gretchen Rubin’s podcast Happier where she read a quote from Wilder’s book, Little House in the Ozarks, a collection of pieces that she wrote for regional newspapers and magazines. Keep in mind that she wrote this in 1924 when she lived on a farm in Missouri.

Most Popular Podcast of 2018 – Avoiding Estate Planning Pitfalls (EP40)

We searched the archives and found the most popular Bite Sized Finance episode of 2018. In this episode, Will Gunlicks, CFP® interviews our guest, Micheal Rhoades, an estate planning attorney, about common estate planning pitfalls and ways to avoid them.

Philip Huber CFA, CFP® Quoted in New York Times Article

Phil Huber, CFA, CFP®, chief investment officer at Huber Financial Advisors, was quoted in a recent New York Times article titled, For a While, Bond Finds Were an Exception to the Indexing Rule.

Female Visionary Spotlight – J.K. Rowling

In researching the fascinating life of Joanne Rowling (J. K. Rowling), it did not escape me that certain words/phrases were synonymous with the name “Most Influential Woman in Britain.” In the face of adversity; courageous; rags to riches and willingness are just a few.

2018 Fourth Quarter and Year-End Review Slides

2018 Fourth Quarter and Year-End Review Slides

How Small Business Owners Can Turbo Charge Their Retirement Plan

Small business owners who are contemplating saving for retirement have a wide array of options available to them, and not all are created equal. Each business has its own set of unique circumstances that need customized solutions that are tailored to support their unique situation.