Market Commentary – Second Quarter 2018 (EP33)

Huber Financial's Chief Investment Officer, Phil Huber, CFP® recaps market performance in the second quarter and first half of 2018.

The Chicago Lighthouse Beam – Stepping Up to the Plate…

A Plus – Lighthouses Along A Chicago Street Shine A Light On Issues Affecting People With Disabilities…

Lighthouses on The Mag Mile Featured on CBS Sunday Morning

Lighthouses on The Mag Mile was featured on CBS Sunday Morning on July, 22, 2018. Huber Financial Advisors, LLC is the Primary Sponsor of the art initiative.

CBS Sunday Morning – Chicago’s Lighthouses: Shedding light on artists with disabilities…

Huber Financial Advisors LLC Adds Four New Owners

Huber Financial Advisors, LLC is pleased to announce that it has added four new owners.

Small Business Owners and New Tax Law Changes for 2018

With the tax law changes that were implemented last December, many are still trying to figure out what it ultimately means for everyone, including the government’s budget deficit. While the debate rages on about the ultimate effect of this tax bill, the best answer is that we won’t really know the full effects for several years, both positive and negative. There is, however, some certainty as it relates to small business owners.

WGN-TV – Lighthouses on Mag Mile reflect artists’ personal journey with disabilities…

2018 Second Quarter Review Slides

2018 Second Quarter Review Slides