Should I Consider a Credit Freeze?

If you are concerned about identity theft, data breeches or someone gaining unauthorized access to your credit report, you may be considering a credit freeze. But is it right for you? The following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) may help.

Discussing College Funding with Your Child (EP29)

Rob Morrison, CFP® and Kim Drake, CFA have a discussion about higher education costs. This episode focuses on getting your child involved in the financing discussion.

Is It Time to Start College Hunting With Your Child?
Junior High is a Good Time to Start

Panic sets in as you start hearing other parents discuss their child’s resume or college counselor.  Or better yet, you are completely unaware that now is the time to start thinking about college choices for your child. Where do you start?

Robert Morrison Writes Article for

Robert Morrison, CFP®, president of Huber Financial Advisors, wrote an article titled, Preparing for a Victory Lap Career, which appeared on

Chicago Lighthouse Announces that Huber Financial Advisors LLC Will Be Presenting Sponsor for Lighthouses on The Mag Mile...

The Chicago Lighthouse announces that David Huber CFP®, CEO of Huber Financial Advisors, LLC, an independent wealth management firm, will serve as the Presenting Sponsor for Lighthouses on The Mag Mile, a citywide public art initiative celebrating access and inclusion this summer.

Our Culture of Immediacy (EP28)

With the advent of instant messaging, Amazon Prime and Google, most of us have gotten used to getting what we want in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. But are we losing the fine art of patience? In this episode Rob Morrison, CFP® and Ed Cruickshank, CFP®, will talk about how this culture of immediacy may be affecting your investment decisions.