Huber Financial Advisors LLC Will Be Presenting Sponsor for Lighthouses on The Mag Mile Public Art Initiative

David Huber CFP®, CEO of Huber Financial Advisors, LLC, an independent…

The Jeff Hanson Story

Changing the world through art.

CBS Sunday Morning Interview

Jeff Hanson is interviewed by Tracy Smith on CBS Sunday Morning.

What Is a Career Victory Lap? (EP27)

We're seeing an emerging trend where people phase into their retirement. It's no longer a singular event where you transition from full working to full not-working overnight. We call this new phase of retirement a Victory Lap. In this episode Rob Morrison, CFP® and Ed Cruickshank, CFP® have a conversation about this new retirement trend. Is a Victory Lap right for you?

First Quarter 2018 Commentary – A Changing of the Guard

The markets make the news—the news does not make the markets. 2017 was a year of historical complacency and much of January 2018 marched to a similar beat.

New Medicare Cards Coming Soon – How To Avoid Related Scams

In an effort to deter identity theft, Medicare is mailing new cards that replace Social Security Numbers with a unique Medicare number.

2018 First Quarter Review Slides

2018 First Quarter Review Slides