Investing and White Knuckle Flying (EP13)

In this episode, Rob Morrison, CFP® interviews Huber Financial Founder and CEO Dave Huber, CFP® about some parallels he draws between investing and white knuckle flying.

Having The College Money Talk with Your Child (EP12)

Rob Morrison, CFP® and Kim Drake, CFA have another discussion about higher education costs. This episode focuses on getting your child involved in the financing discussion.

College Planning – It’s About More Than Money

The day your newborn was released from the hospital it started, the common refrain about the importance of saving for college and rising tuition costs. After diligently depositing regular contributions and birthday checks into a college fund over the years, you’re on target to fund your child’s education.

When and How to Start Planning for College (EP11)

Rob Morrison, CFP® and Kim Drake, CFA talk about the best time to start working with your child to plan for college. A conversation that includes some of their own experiences from the trenches.